Een nieuwe manier van luisteren

Wat gebeurt er als we de aandrang om te ‘redden’ weerstaan? Dan staat er een nieuwe manier van luisteren op! Hieronder een sneak preview:

“If we are willing to sit alongside a person in their discomfort rather than go into “fix-it mode” we give them the message that it’s “OK to not feel OK.” If we trust them to be capable of thinking for themselves we empower them to find their own solutions to their problems.”

“I have a metaphor for what needs to happen to be able to listen in this way. Imagine you are entering a space in which all thoughts and emotions are welcomed. A space where vulnerability is not something to be feared or avoided, but rather accepted as just being part of what it means to be human. A space where the person you are listening to can explore their thinking without having to censor what they say for fear of being judged or making you feel uncomfortable. A space where confidentiality is respected and they know there is no risk of what they say becoming the topic of next week’s gossip. A space in which they can roll up their sleeves and lean into the discomfort of ambiguity and uncertainty so that their precious vulnerable selves can be seen.”

“In order to enter this space, you first need to wipe your feet on the Welcome Mat. In doing so you wipe away any desire to fix, analyse, change or judge. Your intention is simply to remain curious as they explore their situation.”

Bron: Someone To Tell It To (20 september 2018). Klik hier voor het gehele artikel.

We vinden het leuk als je dit artikel deelt.

Anastasia & Annemieke
Bevlogen trainers en coaches vol bezieling over het vermogen van luisteren. Anastasia vanuit de psychologie en Annemieke vanuit de communicatiewetenschap. Beiden hebben ruime ervaring in zowel profit- als non profit-organisaties.

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