Luisteren zonder oordeel

Citaat van Alan Seale over open en eerlijke communicatie en luisteren zonder oordeel.

How to create a world that works: do what 'wants to happen' in the world through you 'When I imagine a world that works, I imagine a world where we talk with one another. Perhaps even more important, we listen to one another. We communicate openly between cultures, governments and businesses. We are willing to hear and consider different ideas, approaches, value systems and ways of thinking, and we all understand that no one has the whole truth. It takes the perspectives of everyone involved to be able to see the entire picture'.

'Large-scale societal transformation happens as a result of transformational shifts over time at grassroots level. It's an on going and ever-evolving process that happens one person, one family, one organization, one company, and one country at a time. It unfolds through conversations with the people around us, especially when we create spaces where it is safe to be open and honest, to be curious and to explore, and to listen without judgment'.

Bron: Transformational Presence: how to make a difference in a rapidly changing world by Alan Seale; 2017

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Anastasia & Annemieke
Bevlogen trainers en coaches vol bezieling over het vermogen van luisteren. Anastasia vanuit de psychologie en Annemieke vanuit de communicatiewetenschap. Beiden hebben ruime ervaring in zowel profit- als non profit-organisaties.

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