Wat is jouw pad en geef je daar gehoor aan?

Heb je de moed en de kracht om uit de norm te stappen en je eigen weg te gaan? Heb je de rust en bereidheid om écht te luisteren. Alan Seale schrijft in zijn wekelijkse nieuwsbrief een eerbetoon aan de recent overleden Sir John Whitmore. 

Stepping Outside the Norm and Following Your Own Path
by Alan Seale

The coaching world lost one of its most esteemed pioneers on April 28th. Sir John Whitmore blazed new trails in the business coaching arena, in addition to being an author and a racecar driver! Much has been written about his passing in the last couple of weeks. However, I was particularly struck by Nic Askew’s soul biography of Sir John, originally created in 2005 at the very beginning of Nic’s foray into filmmaking. (See the video below.)

Sir John speaks with great clarity about our desire to be accepted by others and, therefore, our reluctance to step outside of the norm. He speaks of the bravery it takes to walk your own path. As he says right at the beginning of the six-minute film, “True happiness comes when you begin to find your own path.”
He invites the simple yet powerful question, “What am I doing this for?” as an early step in finding our own path. Being clear about why we are doing things helps us to live in integrity with ourselves and make clear choices about what defines the life that we live. Today, ethics, morality, and being authentically true to who we are and what we believe is called into question on a near daily basis. Sir John’s words about courage and strength to follow your own path feel particularly relevant right now. In the film, Nic poses the question: How courageous would you have to be to follow your own path?

Sir John says that personal acceptance by peers is perhaps the greatest driving force for many people’s choices and decisions. As a result, they strive to conform to what is considered acceptable behavior by the people they care about. This, of course, makes them quite reluctant to step outside the norm. Yet, “Stepping outside of the norm is the greatest liberation that most people can find.”


Sir John Whitmore’s closing words in the film: “I do know that if I’m still and quiet, and I listen, I will always get the answers and the way to go. I trust absolutely that that is there. The only question is: Am I listening?”

Bron: The Transformer, Alan Seale’s Weekly Newsletter, 17th of May ’17 Center for Transformational Presence

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